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About Us

Last Chance Fireworks Store is located in Johnson County, Tennessee, just 2 miles south of Damascus, VA and the Virginia state line, in beautiful Laurel Bloomery, TN.

Last Chance Fireworks Store is nestled in Northeastern Tennessee between the Cherokee and Jefferson National Forests just minutes south of the Virginia Creeper Trail in Damascus, VA.

Last Chance Fireworks Store serves much of the Roanoke Valley in Southwestern Virginia as well as much of Western North Carolina and Northeastern Tennessee.

Last Chance Fireworks Store has been in business for right at 20 years – We are family owned and operated. We have one of the largest selections of fireworks in Eastern Tennessee at the best prices.

Last Chance Fireworks Store carries Black Cat Fireworks, Cherry Bomb Fireworks, M-80 Fireworks, Brothers Fireworks, TNT Fireworks and World-Class Fireworks – just to name a few major fireworks brands.

We also sell novelty items, roman candles, sparklers, fountains, multi-shot cakes (ranging from 250 grams to 500 grams), artillery shells, mortar shells up to 6 inches, firecrackers, rockets, kids' assortment packs, family assortment packs, and professional 3 -inch grand finale cakes.

Along with the best selection of fireworks, Last Chance Fireworks Store has excellent fireworks prices. Come check us out today!

We promise you’ll love our family fireworks store where you’ll always find a friendly smile. You’ll feel right at home when you visit Last Chance Fireworks Store. In fact, we believe you will discover your new family fireworks destination!